Philippine Bahá’í Community


In November 2011, Dawnbreakers Foundation Inc. started implementing the Preparation for Social Action Program in the Philippines—a program for building people’s capacity, particularly young people, to become true protagonists of their own development.

For Dawnbreakers Foundation, “education for development” refers to an educational process that empowers individuals and communities to engage in the generation and application of knowledge as protagonists in advancing a materially and spiritually prosperous world civilization.  Preparation for Social Action or PSA is one program of this kind, designed in the context of formal education.  In a scheme that envisions preschool for ages between 3 and 6, basic education for ages between 6 and 14, and high school for those between 15 and 18, the program corresponds to the last stage of basic education and to high school in its entirety.  The textbooks that form part of the program impart an education of the highest academic standard, demanding a rigor of study, which, according to the many evaluations that have been made, matches the finest programs in the world.  Yet, what distinguishes the textbooks most is that they achieve such high academic standard, while empowering, morally and intellectually, young people to contribute to the material and spiritual progress of their communities.

Presently, there are about 240 people nationwide who have entered the program and seminars. The program is only currently being implemented in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.