Philippine Bahá’í Community


Children’s Classes

The lessons included in the children’s classes give emphasis to the importance of developing spiritual qualities such as truthfulness, kindness, love, generosity, humility, selflessness, and patience, among several more. It is hoped that through these lessons, we are able to protect their young and innocent minds from the claws of greed and materialism that have unfortunately taken a tight grip on every aspect of our society. This spiritual empowerment program aspires to equip the young with moral leadership that allows them to rise above the sad norms of hopelessness and egocentricity around them.

In their classes, children learn songs that are inspired by spiritual themes such as unity, hopefulness, service and joy to name a few.

They also engage in games that promote cooperation instead of competition. Through these cooperative and meaningful games, children learn that joyful feelings of success do not have to come from competing with and winning over others, but it can come from cooperating and working alongside their fellow children.