Philippine Bahá’í Community

Study Circle

A study circle is a small group of individuals who agree to meet regularly for a systematic study of the Creative Word. Anybody who is at least 15 years old is welcome to join a study circle. The study is facilitated by a tutor who is a more experienced individual in terms of studying the Ruhi materials.

Each participant of a study circle is considered to be an active agent of his or her own learning. They study passages from the Bahá’í Writings, explore spiritual concepts and think about the application of these spiritual principles in their lives and in relation to the community. Participants of a study circle also understand that each of them advances in his or her own pace.

Each Ruhi book is associated with acts of service that the participants, as they advance in their study and understanding, would surely like to engage in, with the help of the tutor and the institutions. For example, as a participant goes through the Ruhi book for teaching classes for children, it is only natural that one would arise to organize or assist in starting classes that develop the moral uprightness of the young.

Other elements of a study circle are arts, crafts, music and other artistic activities, which the participants and their tutor may also explore.